What if... there were a place that actively engaged patients in productive partnerships to improve cancer care?

Welcome to ELLICSR: Health, Wellness, and Cancer Survivorship Centre!
A message from the Founding Director Dr. Pamela Catton 

ELLICSR is designed as a collaborative space for research into health, wellness and cancer survivorship.  Here we strive to better understand the cancer and survivorship experience in order to improve it. We look for fresh new ideas and approaches to improve health and wellness during and after cancer treatment.  We endeavour to ...
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Research & Education

Researchers, clinicians, educators and survivors collaborating to make discoveries in survivorship, applying them in practice, and promoting effective self-management to improve the health and wellness of survivors.
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Health, Wellness & Survivorship

A place to relax, learn, seek information and interact with other survivors, clinicians, and researchers in classes and discussion.

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Virtual ELLICSR      

Stay connected with a community of survivors from anywhere at anytime.  Seek support, education and learn about research activities from the comfort of your own home.

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