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Education and Support

Why leave home?
Participate, learn and enjoy what ELLICSR has to offer from the comfort of your home. Through online education and support resources such as “My Story” and ELLICSR's very own “Kitchen’s Corner”, patients and their families or caregivers can benefit from the type of programming they would find at ELLICSR.

Healthy and Delicious
Get out your apron and come see what ELLICSR is cooking up this week! The ELLICSR Survivor's Kitchen will guide you in preparing healthy, delicious, and easy meals from the comfort of your own home. Through our online teaching kitchen, we share the skills and techniques necessary to turn fresh and seasonal ingredients into delicious meals. The ELLICSR Survivor's Kitchen offers video demonstrations, pictures, cooking tips, an interactive question and answer forum, and fantastic recipes to help you enhance your own health and wellness.

Join our online community of support at Caring Voices and take part in real-time discussions with other survivors, members of the cancer community and health care professionals. Our people-matching function allows survivors to find and connect with others like themselves.  By registering today, you will gain access to peer support, advice and education from health care and community experts, and other educational resources.