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Virtual ELLICSR Program

The virtual ELLICSR program expands the offerings of ELLICSR and the Health and Wellness centre beyond the physical walls of the ELLICSR facility.  Virtual ELLICSR provides both an infrastructure for supporting global survivorship research and health and wellness activities that are not bound by time or space.  Through powerful networks virtual ELLICSR can join together dispersed survivorship communities, host national survivorship rounds and facilitate collaborations between researchers who do not share geographic locations.  Virtual ELLICSR also supports survivorship activities for all cancer survivors from the comfort of their own homes.  Both through the creation of online support and education activities, and by linking out to services offered by others virtual ELLICSR ensures that survivorship initiatives are ubiquitous.

Goals of the Program

  • To connect a diverse and disperse community of cancer survivorship
  • To support survivorship education and research
  • To innovate, create and evaluate online platforms for survivorship, health and wellness
  • To expand survivorship activities beyond the walls of ELLICSR: Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship Centre